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No idea? EDP challenges you with 18 ideas that they will co-invest.

EDP is challenging Pirates with 18 ideas that they will co-invest.

No idea of your own? This is a great opportunity to skip market-fit and start working on product straight away, as EDP will help you develop one of this ideas, and if you prove to be working on a good concept until demo day, then they will invest on your project and be the first client.

1. Interface for the visually impaired

Objective: To develop a low cost interface for EDP Box, to allow communicate information that is going on in the display (eg voice synthesizer) for people with visual impairments.
Background: The development of tecnology for the blind becomes increasingly important in an environment where technology development is increasingly based on visualization and "touch pads". It is intended to enhance the channels of communication with blind and partially sighted customers, providing initially existing information on counters and can progress in a second phase into a full energy management system.

2. Vibration compensator

Objective: To compensate vibrations produced by transformers in small substations
Background: Transformers in urban small substations often transmit vibrations to dwellings. Those vibrations are specially annoying in high buildings and customers complain about it to the DSO. The goal of the project would be to develop a product that could be attached to transformers in order to transform vibrations into useful energy for the systems in the small substation with an energy harvesting approach.

3. Sensoring Falls

Objective: To detect falls of people or large objects and generate alerts
Background: Portuguese population is in accelerated aging and falls are a risk factor in the elderly, covered in several academic papers (see references). The device developed include a sound sensor and / or vibration, an audible alarm and reset button (respectively to signal alarms and allowing false positive foil) and zigbee communication capability (later interfacing with Re: dy). The idea is to enrich the re:dy product with personnel security features.


4. Remote Security lock actuator

Objective: To remotely control the locking of a door, allowing the user through a small hardware device lock / unlock doors (pass or cabinet) at home.
Background: The device developed would be endowed with zigbee communication allowing receive commands and a mechanical actuator of a door lock. The idea is to enrich the re: dy with utility / security features, extending the jacks to ports capacity to act.

5. Low-power tracking device and low cost

Objective: To develop an IoT device to track the location of network assets and to be low maintenance (high autonomy) and to communicate in case of change of location.
Background: Develop a device indicating its position if it were set in motion and continue to communicate according to user-defined rules. It should also have the ability to "register" consumption and fuel level (if applicable).

6. Virtual Keys

Overview: Electronic key development for technical buildings Distribution EDP, to enable access control.
Benefits: Use of only one key to access all facilities and control the respective access. Also, make it possible to prevent unauthorized access situations and in the case of loss or theft of the key, there could be a remote annulment.

7. Robotic system to support of the work in tension lines.

Overview: Development robotic system to support the work in tension lines.
Benefits: It would minimize the risks of transactions in tension and reduce the associated risks.

8. Isolation for Tension Airlines

Overview: coatings have been developed for the isolation of tension airlines in case of accidental touches of greenery and thaw. These products are applied in molds and dry quickly. However, this method of application does not conform to the airlines put on the ground. EDP want thus, to develop a system to apply these coatings airlines, efficiently and economically.
Benefits: Avoid anomalies resulting from accidental touches of greenery and thaw on airlines.

9. Remotly Guided Cabinet

Overview:EDP needs the construction of a control cabinet that allows the remote control and reconfiguration of urban distribution networks in ring with power electronics. Currently this cabinet uses disconnectors with fuses.
Benefits: This product would allow, in urban distribution networks in open loop, the configuration change in case of defects or in case of automatically topology change, and is currently performed manually.

10. Public Lighting Management System

Overview: Development flow regulating and monitoring system status LED luminaries which allows the use of multi-vendor luminaries on the same circuit.
Benefits: It would allow the management of fixtures from different vendors.

11. Solutions for Asset Management

Overview: Technology with capacity to provide useful information about the active network (transformers, disconnectors, circuit breakers ...) close to the assets themselves.
Benefits: It would allow, in certain intervention situations in electrical installations in the field, technicians to have access to additional information, and to better perform the tasks necessary for the completion of service and safety.

12. Health Monitoring Bracelet for Employees

Overview: Bracelet that employees would have on the ground with several features (the group can use existing smart watches).
- Monitoring vital signs;
- Gps location;
- Information on assets;
- Access control.
Benefits: In the case of an employee suffering a health problem on the ground, lying alone, it would be possible to obtain assistance more quickly, by monitoring their vital signs. On the other hand, the access control would be facilitated, allowing to eliminate the need to walk with several different keys and reducing the time required to identify the correct key. It would also be possible to prevent unauthorized access situations and in case of loss or theft of the key, there could be a remote annulment. The bracelet would provide also information on the assets, which would facilitate the work on the ground.

13. Automatic ventilation regulation in PTs

Overview: Apparatus for automatic regulation of ventilation in PTs grids based on site-specific conditions.
Benefits: PTs bring factory vents sized for the maximum load. This type of solution causes infiltration problems of humidity and marine corrosion problems along the coastline and not allow adequate ventilation to the specific conditions of the location and time of year. With this solution would be possible to solve this problem.

14. Power system voltage reduced across networks MT and AT

Overview: Development of capacitive solution, inductive or other inexpensive to capture energy in tensions reduced the lines of HV and MV.
Benefits: enable the installation of remote sensors, which currently require the use of photovoltaic systems.

15. Detection and inspection of underground infrastructure of concrete

Overview: Developing a system to detect and inspect underground infrastructure of concrete.
Benefits: It would make possible to detect situations where the underground shoes do not meet the specifications at the time of their execution and monitor their eventual degradation.

16. Machine to facilitate the implementation of grounds for transformers, lightning rods, etc.

Objective: To develop a machine to facilitate the implementation of distribution grounds (transformers, lightning rods, etc.)
Framework to the topic: Improving the grounding installation process, cost reduction, time and personnel, improvement in quality of service and grounding.

17. Demand Side Management and Home Automation Hardware

Objective: To develop hardware for power management applications on the demand side and home automation, where both the consumer and the electricity distribution company, water or gas, can manage and control consumption in order to promote efficient consumption and without waste.
Framework to the topic: Development can be performed both on the operation (plates, circuits, communication, etc.) as part of these solutions in the design.

18. Low cost and long life solutions for smart grids

Communication, Electric Vehicles, Meters / Counters, Intelligent Electronic Devices
Objective: To develop cost-effective solutions that allow applications to scale without impairing the low tariffs for application within the smart grid.
Framework to the topic: The concept of smart grids is being intensely discussed and disseminated worldwide. But what ends up influencing a range of application of these networks is the cost of implementing its equipment which often end up with higher costs and lower durability compared to traditional technologies.

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